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Senior Environmental/ESH/HSE/SHE/EHS Consultant(年薪18~40万)

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 招聘部门  5  招聘人数  1人
 工作地区  广东广州市  工作性质  全职
 性别要求  不限  婚姻要求  不限
 学历要求  本科  工作经验  7年以上
 年龄要求  25-45岁  待遇水平  18-40万元/年
 更新日期  2013-11-15  有效期至  长期有效
 Five people urgently needed for the following two position, prefer candidates from famous EHS/Environmental Consulting companies

Senior Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Consultant(年薪18~40万)

LocationShanghai or Guangzhou


Our Client is seeking a full-time permanent person working in Shanghai office or Guangzhou office, focused on providing the following types of service:

1 Lead EHS risk assessment projects

2 Follow-ups to previous EHS risk assessment work-findings closure verification, including technical support to auditor for this

3 Training support

4 Develop plans, permits, and procedures for environmental compliance, hazardous waste, spill prevention, storm water, and wastewater.

5 Perform Phase I Environmental Site Assessments to support property due diligence services.

6 Other projects as defined by clients


The candidate should have the following qualifications:

1 Professional registration desired, or motivation to obtain

2 Bilingual Mandarin/English, both written and spoken

3 5 to 10 years of experiences in EHS compliance consulting; EHS management systems, and merger and acquisition due diligence preferred; willingness to travel to client sites expected.

4 Minimum Bachelor's degree in science/engineering field, e.g. chemistry, chemical engineering, environmental engineering

5 Ability to succeed in a fast-paced consulting environment, handling multiple project assignments, meeting client deadlines, and traveling to client facilities as needed.


Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Consultant(年 薪10~20万)

LocationShanghai or Guangzhou


The successful candidates will be responsible for providing technical assistance on EHS compliance, environmental management system, sustainability, and due diligence transaction projects for clients throughout China.


  • Bachelors or master’s degree major in environmental science or engineering.
  • At least 1.5 years or above EHS consulting experiences with multinational clients.
  • Ability to multi-task, maintain flexibility, travel, and work independently with minimal supervision. (Some travel is required to support a wide array of projects and clients.).

·         Experience on Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (Investigate site through site visit, document review and interview);

·         Experience on Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (Soil and Groundwater Sampling and Monitoring);

·         experience on E.H.S Compliance Audit



Company Introduction

Our Client is a leading professional environment, energy and engineering service firm. The firm is comprised of highly experienced professional engineers and management specialists from Europe, North America and China. Includes leading multinational companies, international financial institutions and private investment funds operating in China and Southeast Asia as well as major Chinese corporations and Chinese governments. Incorporated in China, we operate offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou and Wuhan. Through the past decade, we have provided our clients with quality services in energy and industrial engineering, water resources and sustainable municipal development, environmental health and safety management of industrial facilities, and environmental site assessment and contaminated land remediation.

If you would enjoy the challenging nature of EHS/ Environmental consulting in China, please email you resume to EHSCity Company’s Headhunters with a covering letter to indicate your preferred work location and expectation on remuneration. When your application is submitted, our headhunters will review and process your application, and if we think you have what it takes, we will be in contact with you.


Contact Information

EHSCity Headhunters

E-mail: lietou@ehscity.com

 Tel:        021-31608131                                                               

申请该职位        收藏该职位


       EHSCity was founded in 2011, and is the first EHS Platform for EHS industry in the world. Each week, more than 100,000 EHS professionals visit our e-commerce websites, and we have over 36,800 members, it’s the world leading platform providing Total EHS Solutions now.


       Our Mission, is helping our clients achieve excellent EHS Performance with the minimum investment. To fulfill our mission, we focus on creating a platform which providing EHS Total Solutions service with competitive Price. We considering the quality as the No.1 factor in the co-operation of EHS experts and sourcing products or choosing partners. And have full process quality management of all our services with many experts who have 20+ year’s experiences. To make the price competitive, we are focus on on-line operation and scale management, we follow our beliefs of “Be simple”and“Focus on”, delete all unnecessary process and decorations, helping our clients achieve excellent EHS Performance with the minimum investment.

       EHSCity成立以来,品质改善是我们不断努力的目标。目前EHSCity的合作专家、厂商和伙伴均是业界一流的,我们通过集百家之长,为企业提供最具专业的「平价且高品质」的EHS一站式服务,从而帮助企业用最少的投资实现最佳的 EHS管理。

       Since the foundation of EHSCity, quality improvement is always our goal. At present, the experts we cooperation, the products we souring and partners we choose are first-class, we through “set the hundred long” to provide the most professional "affordable and high-quality" one-stop EHS Total Solutions service, so as to help our clients achieve excellent EHS Performance with the minimum investment.


       We will continue to work towards a world-class platform with great selection, best price, and superb customer experience. To serving more and more domestic and international customers, helping them reduce EHS risks and promoting productivity.


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