Health & Safety Manager 健康安全管理经理(生物技术顶级公司)

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行业 其它 职位 其它
招聘部门 招聘人数 1人
工作地区 浙江杭州市 工作性质 全职
性别要求 不限 婚姻要求 不限
学历要求 本科 工作经验 3年以上
年龄要求 18岁以上 待遇水平 20-30元/月
更新日期 2013-11-28 有效期至 长期有效


  • 汇报对象:总经理
  • 下属人数:20人
  • 所属行业:制药/生物工程
  • 所属部门:EHS部门
  • 企业性质:外商独资·外企办事处
  • 企业规模:500-999人
  • 工作地点:杭州
  • 发布日期:2013-11-27


Work to increase safety awareness with employees at the site by:
• Chair the H&S committee and be an active member of the committee.
• Work with team safety representatives to create an active safety team.
• Coordinate the safety training programme for the site and where possible carry out H&S training for the site. 

Audit & Inspection: 
• Monitor standards of safety, fire and security through regular inspections of the building & feed results back to head of site and management in the UK
• Facilitate and assist with the annual health & safety audit.
• Ensure that the site is working to all local and national regulations.
• Liaise with all government safety bureaus.
• Ensure that Hangzhou site is working towards the Abcam global safety standards.

Policy & Safety Documentation:
• Introduce a risk assessment system to the site, regularly updat and review the risk assessments. 
• Assist in the development of practical safety policies and drive forward agreed safety policies and working practices.
• Introduce an SOP system for the site. 

Collaboration & Reporting: 
• Meet with corporate health, safety and environment manager on a regular basis
• Work closely with members of the HR team dealing with those health & safety issues which overlap with HR.
• Liaise with the landlord regarding any safety issues.
• Work closely with the engineering/maintenance team to ensure that any safety equipment is installed correctly.
• Meet with corporate health, safety and environment manager on a regular basis

Additional Duties: 
• Run the occupation health programmes.
• Introduce ergonomic programmes on site.
• Take responsibility for and manage the health & safety budgets.
• Take actions on breaches of safety which come to the post holders’ attention.
• Ensure that all chemical and biological waste is processed according to Abcam standards. Liaise with waste disposal contractors who provide services to the company.
• Ensure H&S is always considered in the design phase of any site plans and equipment.


  • 学历要求:本科或以上
  • 性别要求:不限
  • 语言要求:英语 + 普通话
  • 专业要求:不限
  • 年龄要求:25-45
  • 工作年限:3年以上


1. 较强的语言组织能力和沟通能力,必须有安全方面组织培训的经验
2. 本科2年以上同岗位工作经验,医药,生物背景优先考虑
3. 外资背景优先考虑
4. 英语可作为工作语言
5. 具有国家注册安全工程师认证
6. 熟悉中国的H&S 法规和全球H&S法规,例如风险评估,,实验室安全隐患、生物安全、化学安全,人类 工程学等等。


  • 职位年薪:15-30万
  • 薪资构成:基本薪资
  • 年假福利:国家标准
  • 社保福利:国家标准
  • 居住福利:公积金
  • 通讯交通:有补助


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