MSA 10118161 天鹰4X便携式多种气体检测仪LEL/O2/CO/H2S,带跌到报警

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ALTAIR® 4X Multigas Detector



The ALTAIR 4X is an extremely durable Multigas Detector that simultaneously measures up to four gases from a wide range of XCell(R) sensor options including combustible gases, O, CO, HS, SO and NO. The ALTAIR 4X Detector surpasses industry standards in several crucial areas. Its four-year sensor life is 60% longer than the industry average, while its 24-hour run time exceeds the industry average by 71%. This versatile portable detector is a perfect match for industries ranging from fire fighting to welding, and its digital sensor output 

天鹰 4X多种气体检测仪



天鹰Altair 4X四合一气体检测仪,操作简单。聚碳复合橡胶外壳坚固耐用,可同时检测Q2、H2S、CO和可燃气体四种气体。这是MSA首款配备专利Xcell传感器的仪表。矿业环境或密闭空间还可选夜光外壳。

Features & Benefits


  • Dependable multigas detector tests for LEL, oxygen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide
  • Economical construction saves users more than 50% on calibration gas, replacement sensors and maintenance
  • Four-year sensor life means detector lasts 60% longer than the industry average
  • Unit uses 50% less calibration gas per minute than the average detectors within the industry
  • Two-tox CO/H2S sensor removes practically all cross-channel interference
  • Large buttons and high-contrast screen make operation easy in low-light conditions
  • Ribbed rubber housing provides secure grip and high durability
  • Unit features 95+ db alarm and ultra-bright LEDs
  • Exclusive end-of-sensor warning cautions user when unit's sensor needs to be changed
  • Motionalert option tells others that user has become immobile
  • Instantalert provides manual alarm to alert others of a dangerous situation


  • 按键简单,外型亲和,佩戴手套时也可轻松操作;
  • MSA专利“跌倒报警”和“立即报警”功能;
  • 兼容于银河自动测试系统;
  • 红外接口,可与MSA link软件对接,迅速下载所需数据;
  • 整台仪表享受两年质保期,包括传感器和电池。


  • Confined Space
  • Combustible Detection
  • Toxic Detection
  • Oxygen Detection

Approvals & Certifications


U.S./Canada - CSA Class I, Div.1, Groups A, B, C & D, T amb = –40 °C to +54 °C, CAN/CSA C22.2 152; ISA 12.13.01-2000, ETL Class II, Div.1, Groups E, F & G Class III, Div.1 T amb = –40 °C to +54 °C; T4 ATEX: II 1G Ex ia IIC T4, –40 °C to +60 °C, IP67 (Zone 0 with no combustible sensor installed), II 2G Ex ia d IIC T4, –40 °C to +60 °C, IP67 (Zone 1 with combustible sensor installed) IEC: Ex ia IIC T4, –40 °C to +60 °C (Zone 0 with no combustible sensor installed, Ex ia d IIC T4, –40 °C to +60 °C (Zone 1 with combustible sensor installed)

  • USA, Canadian Approvals
    • CSA - 120628_CSA_2008234_2536585
    • ETL - 120813_ETL_ATM_100091976CRT-001
  • European unio
    • FTZU - FTZU07ATEX0169X
    • FTZU - FTZU08E0034
    • CE Declaration of Conformity - ALTAIR 4X
    • Marine (DGUV) - 110407 DGUV 213.148
  • International
    • Australia (IECEx Scheme) - IECExTSA08.0013X_04_120803
    • Australia (TestSafe) - ANZEx08.3018X_04_120802
    • Brazil (InMetro) - 130510_ULBR12.0010X
    • China (CMC) - 111208_CMC_050001999-7
    • China (Ex) - 110926_GYJ111531
    • China (CCCF) - 120730_CCCF_073124850154ROM_chi
    • Japan (TIIS) - TIIS_TC20527
    • Russia (Gost R) - 101025_GOST_05.B03245
    • EAC (Russia, Belorussia, Kazakhstan) - 131114_EAC_Altair4X_EMC_RU
    • Kazakhstan - 100223_Emercom_kz