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About Apple Occupational Health Services, Inc., Also Known as Apple Mobile Medical


To improve the health, well being, safety and productivity by providing occupational medical services that benefit not only employees but also employers.


Values :


At Apple, we are always committed to achieving and delivering a final product that reflects quality. We believe in core values that include respect, responsiveness and results and we value all of our customers, focusing on complete customer satisfaction.



About Us:


Apple Occupational Health Services, Inc. a subsidiary of The Ellwood City Hospital, is the area’s premier provider of occupational medicine services. Through our two divisions, Apple Mobile Medical and Apple Rehabilitation Services, we offer employers one of the most comprehensive programs in the country. From on-site testing through Apple’s fleet of custom built mobile medical units, to in-house clinic, worker’s compensation, physical therapy and rehabilitation services—Apple can do it all!


The program was started by The Ellwood City Hospital in 1989 and has experienced tremendous growth in the ensuing years. Currently located in the Ellport Industrial Complex, Apple’s 17,000 square-foot facility is second to none. Apple has provided services to employees of over 700 corporate clients in 17 states and to countless physical therapy patients through our rehabilitation center. We would love to do the same for your company and employees.

The “Apple” Advantage:


The most important asset to any company is their employees. In order to protect your most important asset it is critical for every company to maintain a healthy and safe work environment. These goals can be met through a strong occupational health program. Workplace safety and health involves the support of management, employee participation, occupational healthcare management, medical surveillance testing and monitoring, training and education. Apple Occupational Health’s mobile service assists companies in collaboration with management in achieving safe workplace environment objectives and enhancing productivity by:


Providing onsite medical surveillance testing to ensure that OSHA compliance is achieved

Utilizing Occupational Health Management Software to maintain records and create reports that are provided to companies for enhancing the accuracy of their OSHA recordkeeping program

Developing and providing training programs to ensure workplace health and safety

Developing and implementing health awareness and wellness programs


Apple Occupational Health’s state-of-the-art in-house clinic and rehabilitation center provide local companies with a full range of occupational health services. Our onsite Occupational Health physician is board certified and is responsive to local company injuries providing professional and accurate consultation.