BEM Systems Inc offer environmental planning, permitting, auditing, and other regulatory compliance

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BEM Systems Inc offer environmental planning, permitting, auditing, and other regulatory compliance_EHS管理咨询,EHS咨询培训,服务供应 EHS Solutions _EHSCity
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 BEM Systems employees understand the ever-changing local, state, and federal environmental regulations and we offer environmental planning, permitting, auditing, and other regulatory compliance services to ensure our clients comply with all regulations.  BEM has qualified professionals with experience to support clients with their environmental planning and compliance needs.  Additionally, BEM has developed compliance software modules to streamline compliance assessments, monitoring, permits, and reporting.

BEM is an employee-owned consulting engineering, and information management firm providing comprehensive environmental services to federal, state and local government agencies. BEM's technical practice areas are focused on environmental planning and compliance; remediation; and natural and water resources. What distinguiSHEs BEM from other traditional consulting firms is our use of "smart" tools to efficiently collect, organize and process diverse data sources that enable our clients to make effective decisions more quickly. This is why we refer to ourselves as a "Hybrid Organization" -- a firm with the unique ability to integrate expertise in environmental planning, science and engineering with cutting-edge data management and visualization technology. The Services side of BEM focuses on our environmental consulting practice and the Solutions side highlights the niche software products we have created. It is, however, in the "hybridization" of these complementary capabilities that our clients value us most.

Our Environmental planning and compliance strength lies in monitoring regulatory developments on our client's behalf and anticipating the likely response options for meeting their environmental obligations. We have developed methods for streamlining the NEPA-approval process for executing Environmental Assessments and Environmental Impact Statements, partnering effectively with state, federal and NGO stakeholders, especially on behalf of state transportation agencies; the Department of Defense and State and Regional Water Resource Departments.

Our remediation approach couples our in-depth knowledge of regulatory compliance and risk-based decision making, with our experience in the implementation of proven and innovative remediation technologies. Our understanding of each state's regulatory requirements and the limits to which technology can be deployed allows us to assume the risks for delivering our solutions within a fixed price and schedule.

Our Natural and Water Resources Group understands the ecological interrelationships between the physical and biological worlds. As federal, state and local governments are embarking on new challenges in managing natural and water resources to meet conflicting demands of flood protection, water supply, seal-level rise and ecosystem restoration, BEM has developed comprehensive services to support collaborative, science-based research in biology, ecology, and water resources. Over the past 15 years we have been at the forefront of restoration activities for the South Florida Everglades and Coastal Louisiana.