Advanced Behavioural Based Safety Workshop December 11-12, 2017 Shanghai

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Advanced Behavioural Based Safety Workshop December 11-12, 2017 Shanghai_EHS培训,EHS咨询培训,服务供应 EHS Solutions _EHSCity
2017-11-06 13:50
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Course Topic: Advanced Behavioural based Safety 
Date: 11-12, December, 2017 
Course Outline for BBS:
Day 1: BBS Underlying Theory
Behaviour and safety
● How behaviour contributes to safety incidents
● The business case for BBS
● BBS as one part of a wider focus on influencing safe behaviour
Human behaviour
● The behaviour problem – why human beings sometimes act in an unsafe way
● Errors and violations
● The theories that explain unsafe acts-information processing and motivation
● The significance of the situation-Performance Shaping Factors (PSFs)
● Human bias and the part it plays
● Different approaches to changing behaviour
Understanding unsafe acts
● Individual, job and organisational factors
● Individual differences – safe and unsafe workers?
● The part played by how jobs are designed
● The role played by company culture
● Behaviour chains
Reinforcement Theory
● The contribution Reinforcement Theory makes to understanding behaviour
● ABC Analysis – a tool for understanding choice of behaviour
● Consequence management – managing the drivers of safe behaviour
Day 2: BBS Design and Implementation
BBS-4 Key Elements
● Observation-the process of observing unsafe acts
● Intervention-how to intervene effectively through coaching
● Recording-different ways of recording observations
● Trending-identifying trends and designing campaigns
BBS-3 variants
● Generic approaches-focus is on a generic set of behaviours representative of unsafe acts seen across all industrial activity
● Approaches based on critical behaviours-focus on a list of behaviours identified as being critical within your business
● B-Mod-a team-based problem-solving approach to tackling specific behaviours BBS-3 variants
Implementation issues
● Pre-conditions for success
● Critical issues for successful implementation
● How to keep your process going

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