GaleWrap can be used as a hand wrap or in conjunction

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GaleWrap can be used as a hand wrap or in conjunction_人机风险,EHS工程改善,服务供应 EHS Solutions _EHSCity
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Benefits of GaleWrap® Oriented Film


Increases Wrapping Productivity

  • GaleWrap® does not "neck down," because it is an Oriented Film. With GaleWrap® you can wrap pallets with fewer revolutions–thus increasing your pallet wrapping productivity!
  • Just a Tug ‘n Snug™ at the corners of the pallet to wrap loads faster and tighter!
  • GaleWrap® is so easy to use!


Enhances Employee Safety
  • GaleWrap® rolls are very light weight–decreasing the risk of back injuries!
  • Just a Tug ‘n Snug™ at the corners of the pallet to wrap loads safer and easier!


Reduces Waste
  • GaleWrap® has hemmed edges that guarantee you will use the entire roll!
  • GaleWrap® has a 110% Guarantee! We guarantee you will use the entire roll without it "consistently hanging up," or we will pay you back 110% of your purchase price, in no charge product!
  • We promise—you will use the entire roll!


Lowers Total Pallet Wrapping Costs
  • It is simple, with GaleWrap® you use less film!
  • In comparison to conventional hand wrap, GaleWrap® is less expensive on either a cost per roll, cost per square foot or cost per load basis!


Improves Load Containment
  • GaleWrap® has Post Wrap Contraction™, so it will continue to "contract" around the load–even after the load is wrapped!
  • GaleWrap® has great puncture resistance and if it is punctured, it will not propagate or zipper.


The Ultimate Solution!
Combine GaleWrap Oriented Film and Oriented Equipment through the Wrap ‘n Ship Program.

GaleWrap Oriented Films and Oriented Equipment are products of ITW-GaleWrap, a division of the ITW Corporation. 

GaleWrap Oriented Films are marketed as an excellent alternative for Conventional Hand Wrap also know as—"Shrink Wrap!"

GaleWrap Oriented Film can be used as a hand wrap or in conjunction with our GaleWrap Automation Concepts to address the following issues of wrapping pallets by hand with Conventional Hand Wrap:

  • Wasted Rolls of Hand Film
  • Load Failures
  • Employee Injuries
  • Unstable Work Force

Customers can access GaleWrap Automation through our Wrap 'n Ship™ Program.

Even OSHA recommends you take film out of the hands of your employees and now ITW-GaleWrap has made Automation more accessible than ever through the Wrap ‘n Ship™ Program.

Before we go any further on the benefits of GaleWrap® Oriented Film and Oriented Equipment, we ask the question: How much does your roll of conventional hand film REALLY cost you per roll?