Senior EHS Manager

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行业 化工 职位 化工
招聘部门 EHS 招聘人数 1人
工作地区 广东广州市 工作性质 全职
性别要求 不限 婚姻要求 不限
学历要求 本科 工作经验 8年以上
年龄要求 不限年龄 待遇水平 面议
更新日期 2011-10-09 有效期至 长期有效
Key Responsibilities:
Establishes and completes safety/health/environment system.
Defines and implements safety/health/environment protection and improvement plan.
Carry out periodical safety and fire precaution inspection and take timely measure to prevent potential safety hazard from happening.
Conduct fatalness analysis before work with fire-burning, pipe-line equipment modification and significant construction project and take precaution measures.
Periodically arrange “Three Wastes” inspection, labor hygiene test, employee body check and pest control.
Define safety/health/ environment policies and regulations.
Monitor company public security; inspect the safe guard to strictly obey rules in terms of registering Entrance & Exit record, goods-discharging and patrolling.
SHE part of Orientation for new hires and on-job training for SHE staff.

Quality Management:
Documentation, Tracking, Statistics and Reporting
Training, Certifications and Record Keeping
Maintaining Safety and Operations Manuals/Procedures

Overall activities:
Provide assistance to Director for overall SHE management;
Establish SHE management system;
Plan and arrange overall tasks with responsible taken by SHE;
Formulate emergency plan;
Investigate and report accidents, and take pre-caution measures.
Coordinate and organize SHE Audit, continuously improve SHE performance.
Direct safety responsible person as stipulated by local safety regulations;
Understand and comply with all pertinent safety policies, rules and regulations;
Promote safety-related activities;
Organize safety inspection, identify potential safety hazard and take prevention measures accordingly;
Report SHE accident/ case, take involvement and coordination role in the supervision;
Ensure Nonoccurrence of occupational injuries, poisoning, heatstroke, and occupational disease; “3 wastes” and noise are discharged in compliance with regulated standard; Safe guards are properly-behaved; security-alerting system and fire-extinguishing system are in normal

Key Requirements:
Associate of Science Degree in applicable field
Formal training in Safety and Risk Management
A minimum of 8 years experience in a related field
Computer skills required - Knowledge of Microsoft Office - MSWord, MSExcel, MSPowerPoint and MSOutlook. Master Builder knowledge and experience is Highly desired.
Willing to travel
Experience with Chemical, Petrochemicals or Pharmaceutics operations
Other requirements

􀂃 Documentation skills
􀂃 Technical Writing skills

Clear and positive mind-set
Lead by example;
Active participation in global/regional BU teams and initiatives;
Overall-oriented and Process-oriented
Manage by facts;
Hands on and practical;
Transformational results orientated style;
Emphasis on skill development, coaching and team building;
Effective communication skills.
Productive Leadership skills
Strong Teamwork and organizational skills
Good adaptability and flexibility

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