Climate Week NYC

   2024-04-29 6
展会日期 2024-09-17 至 2024-09-24   状态
展出地址 New York, USA
展馆名称 climate week
主办单位 climate week
 Event Details: Climate Week NYC is the largest annual climate event of its kind, bringing together over 500 events and activities across the City of New York – in person, hybrid and online. Each year, business leaders, political change makers, local decision takers and civil society representatives of all ages and backgrounds, from all over the world, gather to drive the transition, speed up progress, and champion change that is already happening. Climate Week NYC is hosted by Climate Group, an international non-profit whose purpose is to drive climate action, fast. Climate Group hosts the official program during the week that brings together the most senior international figures from business, government, civil society and the climate sector. 29
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