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为什么需要人机工程学/ Why Ergonomics?

² 人机工程学介绍What is ergonomics?



    工作平台设计:在对工作工作台进行设计的时候应用人机工程学原理,能够帮助员工优化工作姿势, 确保舒适,高效的完成工作

    布局设计/空间规划:(Layout design/Space planning)人机工程学能够提供有关用户群体实际占用空间的数据(生物测量学),来帮助空间规划工作人员为员工分配有效的空间以确保他们能够安全高效的工作。



Ergonomics is the study of human characteristics(Anthropometry and biomechanics)to develop the appropriate design of the living and working environments to increase safety, comfort and productivity.

The application of ergonomics can be found all around us。 Specific area includes but is not limited to following application:

    Design the office and workstation to suit the capabilities of the individual. Ergonomics principles utilized in the selection of workstation furniture and in workstation set-up help individual optimize there working posture to be comfortable and productive.

    Space planning (For example: maintenance clearance & accessibility). Ergonomics support good space planning by providing data on physical dimensions of user population so that space planner can allocate adequate space for workers to perform their job safely and effectively

    Equipment design. Ergonomics principles are utilized in the design of manufacture equipment to optimize ergonomics factors during equipment operation and maintenance which helps ensure a vase majority of end users can safely and effectively work with the equipment.

    Manual material handling. Ergonomics principles help to design effective and safe material handling solution.

²   人机工程伤害介绍What is ergonomics injury?

员工在工作中发生的与人机工程相关的伤害。具体是指由于从事重复性,不舒服的姿势,过度用力的工作或其他人机工程学危害因素引起的手部,手腕,脖子,肩膀,后背和肘部的肌肉骨骼类疾病。 比如:网球肘,鼠标手,腕管综合症

Ergonomic hazards refer to workplace conditions that pose the risk of injury to the musculoskeletal system of the worker. Injuries resulting from ergonomic hazards show-up in the hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, neck and back. While the bulk of such injuries are caused by repetitive and forceful movements, vibration, and awkward postures that arise from improper work methods and improperly designed workstations, tools, and equipment also contribute to many of them.

Examples of musculoskeletal injuries include tennis elbow (an inflammation of a tendon in the elbow) and carpal tunnel syndrome (a condition affecting the hand and wrist).

² 人机工程学的重要性Why ergonomics is so imp0rtant for employer and employee

ü   降低成本。 通过减少员工伤害的数量, 从而降低员工休病假或者员工丧失一定的工作能力而造成的经济损失。

ü   提高生产力。好的人机工程方案可以帮助提高生产力。一个设计良好的工作平台可以让员工保持舒服的姿势,并减少不当的用力。

ü   提高产品质量。不合理的人机工程设计容易让员工疲劳,积极性受挫。当一个工作需要过多的体力,员工则会无法按照培训的要求进行正确的操作。

ü   调动员工的积极性。良好的安全健康环境会使员工感到公司的关怀。如果员工在工作中很少感到疲劳, 不适,离职率和缺席律会相应的降低。而员工士气和积极性也会相应的提高。

ü   帮助创建一个良好的健康安全文化环境。人机工程的投入可以体现出一个公司对健康安全文化的重视。

ü   Ergonomics reduces costs. By systematically reducing ergonomic risk factors, you can reduce employee’s sick leave days by prevent MSDs(ergo injury)

ü   Ergonomics improves productivity. The best ergonomic solutions will often improve productivity. By designing a job to allow for good posture, less exertion, fewer motions and better heights and reaches, the workstation becomes more efficient.

ü   Ergonomics improves quality. Poor ergonomics leads to frustrated and fatigued workers that don’t do their best work. When the job task is too physically taxing on the worker, they may not perform their job like they were trained. For example, an employee might not fasten a screw tight enough due to a high force requirement which could create a product quality issue.

ü   Ergonomics improves employee engagement. Employees notice when the company is putting forth their best efforts to ensure their health and safety. If an employee does not experience fatigue and discomfort during their workday, it can reduce turnover, decrease absenteeism, improve morale and increase employee involvement.

ü   Ergonomics creates a better safety culture. Ergonomics shows your company’s commitment to safety and health as a core value. Healthy employees are your most valuable asset; creating and fostering the safety & health culture at your company will lead to better human performance for your organization.

 人机工程学培训咨询 Ergonomics Training Consulting